Planning A Party? Don’t Forget The Gluten-Free Appetizers

If you’re throwing a party and you have guests who eat a gluten-free diet, having a few gluten-free appetizers is a thoughtful touch. What happens if you don’t eat a gluten-free diet? Many hosts are left scrambling to understand just what their guests can eat. If you don’t have experience with gluten-free appetizers, consider one of these choices.

Gluten-Free Appetizers: Hummus And Toast Points                

Hummus is a great gluten-free food! It’s made out of sesame oil, tahini and cooked chickpeas that have been whirled in a food processor. Consider adding roasted garlic or roasted red peppers for a truly one of a kind flavor, but don’t forget something to dip into the hummus! All But Gluten has a whole grain loaf of bread that makes great toast points and the two combined create a unique and hearty appetizer.

Gluten-Free Appetizers: Ham, Pickle And Cream Cheese Roll Ups

If you’ve never combined sliced ham, fluffy cream cheese and a dill pickle spear, you’re missing out! This is a popular, yet simple gluten-free appetizer. To make them, simply smear a layer of cream cheese on a ham slice and them wrap the entire thing around a dill pickle spear. Slice them into bite sized pieces and spear with a toothpick and you’ve got a delicious and easy to make treat.

When your party planning includes foods from All But Gluten, it’s easy to treat your guests to gluten-free appetizers. To find a local store that carries the line of All But Gluten products, please click here.

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