Need Gluten-Free Snacks For School? 2 Snacks That Are Easy And Portable

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Need Gluten-Free Snacks For School? 2 Snacks That Are Easy And Portable

Parents who needed gluten-free snacks for their children to take to school used to have to spend hours upon hours in the kitchen baking everything from scratch. However, there are new options from All But Gluten. Learn more about two delicious options — snack cakes and soft raisin cookies — that are highly portable.

Gluten-Free Snacks: Chocolate, Vanilla And Strawberry Snack Cakes

Everyone loves a sweet snack cake and All But Gluten has three different options to ensure that there’s a great snack for every taste bud. Layers of delicious cake sandwich with a crème filling and entirely dipped in a chocolaty coating. Each snack cake is packaged individually so it’s easy to grab one for a snack as you’re running out the door to get the kids to school on time. Choose from strawberry, vanilla or chocolate — deciding which one is your favourite is the hardest decision you’ll have to make!

Gluten-Free Snacks: Soft Raisin Cookies

Nothing says snack time like a soft cookie and All But Gluten offers delicious raisin cookies that are so good your kids will ask for one every day. These soft raisin cookies are packaged in a bag, which makes them ideal if you’re in charge of providing easy gluten-free snacks for the entire class.

If you’re looking for gluten-free snacks and foods, turn to your local grocery store’s fresh bakery aisle. Please click here to find a store near you that carries All But Gluten products.

Need Gluten-Free Dinner Recipes? Consider Quinoa Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

If your family eats gluten-free foods, it can seem like your dinner choices are limited. When you’re looking for something different that your whole family will enjoy, consider a quinoa stuffed pork tenderloin.

Gather The Ingredients For Gluten-Free Dinner Recipes

First, gather the ingredients necessary for your gluten-free dinner recipes. For the quinoa stuffed tenderloin, you’ll first need to make the stuffing. Chop up an apple, half an onion, two cloves of garlic plus a handful of mushrooms and sauté everything in a couple tablespoons of olive oil. Once the onions and apples are softened, toss in some raisins and mix with a cup of cooked quinoa.

Cut a pocket into the pork tenderloin and place the stuffing into the pocket. Then season the outside of the tenderloin with a little bit of cinnamon, salt and pepper to taste. Place everything in a baking dish and roast for about 35-40 minutes at 350 degrees. The pork needs to be cooked until it’s no longer pink.

Looking For Side Dishes To Go With Your Gluten-Free Dinner Recipes?

Side dishes can help enhance your meal, but it can be hard to find some that are gluten-free. Vegetables roasted in a little of olive oil and lemon juice and tossed with breadcrumbs made out of a gluten-free bread are a healthy and a gluten-free option.

Don’t Forget About Dessert

No meal is complete without a little sweetness at the end. If you’re in the mood for a little treat, consider All But Gluten’s chocolate chip cookies. They’re so good, you’d swear they were baked right in your own kitchen.

To learn more about products from All But Gluten that can enhance your gluten-free dinner recipes, please click here.

Start Your Morning Off Deliciously With A Gluten-Free Breakfast

If you’re not eating breakfast, you’re missing out! Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast on a regular basis are able to concentrate better, have energy to get through the day and even have an easier time losing weight. If you’re looking for a gluten-free breakfast, consider delicious cinnamon raisin toast or blueberry muffins.

Gluten-Free Breakfast: Cinnamon Raisin Toast

The cinnamon raisin loaf from All But Gluten is so tasty, everyone in your family is sure to love it. It’s packed full of plump raisins and a sweet cinnamon swirl that will keep your body fueled until lunchtime. The cinnamon raisin loaf is also dairy-free and kosher and it’s a good source of five different vitamins and minerals. The cinnamon raisin loaf can be found in your grocery store’s fresh bakery section.

Gluten-Free Breakfast: Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry muffins are found in nearly every coffee shop, but if you’re looking for a gluten-free breakfast, your choices are probably limited. Instead of baking your blueberry muffins, turn to your grocery store’s fresh bakery aisle. Here you’ll find All But Gluten’s blueberry muffins. These muffins are packed full of delicious blueberries and they’re packaged six to a pack so you’ll be able to enjoy a gluten-free breakfast whenever you want.

If you can’t find your favorite gluten-free breakfast items in your local grocery store’s fresh bakery aisle, check back frequently because we are always adding new grocery store chains each month. To find a store near you that carries the All But Gluten line of products, please click here.

Need A Sweet Treat? Gluten-Free Desserts That Are Sure To Satisfy

For many people, their day’s not complete without just a little sweet treat. However, if you avoid gluten, your possibilities used to be limited. There are now new options from All But Gluten — decadent brownie bites, delicious snack cakes and chocolate chip cookies so good you’ll swear your mama baked them herself.

Gluten-Free Desserts: Mini Brownies

When you want just a little sweet taste, turn to mini brownies. They’re full of chocolaty goodness and are so moist that they just melt in your mouth. These brownies are great on their own, but if you’re looking for a truly decadent dessert, consider paring them with some freshly whipped cream and fresh raspberries.

Gluten-Free Desserts: Snack Cakes

Snack cakes bring up memories of childhood, but these cakes have one distinct difference when compared to ones of your youth — they’re gluten-free! Choose from either vanilla or chocolate cake with a vanilla crème filling that’s dipped in a chocolate coating. Each snack cake is individually wrapped, but most people don’t want to stop at just one.

Gluten-Free Desserts: Chocolate Chip Cookies

There’s nothing like a cookie just out of the oven, that is, unless it’s one that you didn’t have to bake yourself! Instead grab a bag of gluten-free chocolate chip cookies from your grocery store’s fresh bakery aisle and you won’t have to worry about the gluten when enjoying your chocolate chip cookie.

If you’re interested in seeing the full line of gluten-free desserts and other products from All But Gluten, please click here to find a list of grocery store locations.

Planning A Party? Don’t Forget The Gluten-Free Appetizers

If you’re throwing a party and you have guests who eat a gluten-free diet, having a few gluten-free appetizers is a thoughtful touch. What happens if you don’t eat a gluten-free diet? Many hosts are left scrambling to understand just what their guests can eat. If you don’t have experience with gluten-free appetizers, consider one of these choices.

Gluten-Free Appetizers: Hummus And Toast Points                

Hummus is a great gluten-free food! It’s made out of sesame oil, tahini and cooked chickpeas that have been whirled in a food processor. Consider adding roasted garlic or roasted red peppers for a truly one of a kind flavor, but don’t forget something to dip into the hummus! All But Gluten has a whole grain loaf of bread that makes great toast points and the two combined create a unique and hearty appetizer.

Gluten-Free Appetizers: Ham, Pickle And Cream Cheese Roll Ups

If you’ve never combined sliced ham, fluffy cream cheese and a dill pickle spear, you’re missing out! This is a popular, yet simple gluten-free appetizer. To make them, simply smear a layer of cream cheese on a ham slice and them wrap the entire thing around a dill pickle spear. Slice them into bite sized pieces and spear with a toothpick and you’ve got a delicious and easy to make treat.

When your party planning includes foods from All But Gluten, it’s easy to treat your guests to gluten-free appetizers. To find a local store that carries the line of All But Gluten products, please click here.

Recent Study Shows Gluten-Free Diets May Help People With Celiac Disease Fight Broken Bones

People with Celiac Disease have a higher risk of hip fractures and other broken bones. It’s thought that this is due to the long-term damage to the intestines caused by eating foods that contain gluten. However, a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism suggests that following gluten-free diets may be able to reverse the damage and reduce the risk of hip fractures and other broken bones.

About The Study And Gluten-Free Diets

The study followed more than 7000 people with Celiac Disease. Although it’s established that following gluten-free diets can reduce the risk of hip fractures, researchers weren’t sure if the risk continued after gluten-free diets were started. The study proved that gluten-free diets allowed the mucous membranes in the intestine to heal, reducing the risk of broken bones.

Gluten-Free Products From All But Gluten

Gluten-free products from All But Gluten make it easy to follow gluten-free diets. We have a full range of products found in the fresh bakery aisle, including whole grain, cinnamon raisin and white loaves, chocolate and vanilla snack cakes, mini brownies, coconut macaroons, chocolate chip cookies and a variety of granola bars.

If you’d like to learn more about products that can help enhance your gluten-free diets, click here to find a full list of locations that stock items from All But Gluten. If your local grocery store doesn’t currently carry products from All But Gluten, check back frequently because we’re always adding new grocery chains across Canada and the United States.

Eating Gluten-Free? How To Find The Right Gluten-Free Bread

If you’ve recently begun eating gluten-free, you might be struggling a little. It can be difficult to know what you can — and can’t — eat, which means many people go through the time consuming process of making everything from scratch. However, people who are eating gluten-free now have some new options, right in their regular grocery store! Here’s some information about how to find the right gluten-free bread and what you should look for before you buy.

Eating Gluten-Free: Look For Bread In Your Fresh Bakery Aisle

When you’re eating gluten-free and looking for bread, what sounds better? One that’s located in the freezer or one that’s in the fresh bakery aisle with the rest of the yummy baked goods? If you choose one from the freezer, you have no idea of how long it’s actually be there! Instead, look for a bread that’s sold right out of the fresh bakery aisle. Buying one out of the bakery aisle means that you can be sure it’s still soft and delicious.

Eating Gluten-Free: Look For Facility Certification?

Next, make sure that the bread is baked in a facility that’s certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Program. Facilities that have this certification are inspected to insure that there’s no chance of cross contamination by coming into contact with gluten.

If you’re interested in learning more about products from All But Gluten that can help you enjoy your favorite baked goods when you’re eating gluten-free, click here for a list of locations where All But Gluten products are sold.

Do You Understand Just What Gluten Is? How A Gluten-Free Diet Might Be Able To Help

If you’re like most people, you probably know at least one person who is eating a gluten-free diet. However, many people don’t truly understand what gluten is, where it’s found and why it might be beneficial to eat a gluten-free diet.

What Is Gluten And Where Is It Found?

Gluten is a naturally occurring protein composite that’s found in some grains, including wheat. It can help bread dough rise and provides elasticity, which can give bread a chewier texture.

Gluten is typically found in baked commercial goods. However, it can also be found in cosmetics, chocolate, hair products, soy sauce and even toothpaste. Some people who eat a gluten-free diet can tolerate gluten in their hair products or other non-food items, but others cannot, which is why it’s important to read labels thoroughly if you eat a gluten-free diet. 

Why Eat A Gluten-Free Diet?

For people with Celiac Disease, a gluten-free diet is vital. Gluten can make them extremely sick, increasing their risk of some cancers and leading to a number of health problems such as chronic diarrhea and abdominal cramping whenever they consume gluten.

More common is a gluten sensitivity. When these people eat foods that contain gluten, they can experience a number of symptoms, including heartburn, stomach pains, bloating, skin rashes, headaches and pains in their joints. Avoiding gluten reduces these problems.

Gluten-free baked goodsfrom All But Gluten make it easy to enjoy your favorites without worrying about gluten. To find a store near you that carries All But Gluten in the fresh bakery aisle, please click here.

Why You Don’t Need To Give Up Your Favorite Baked Goods: Treats From A Gluten-Free Bakery

Living without gluten can be a challenge! It seems like gluten is in everything, but especially commercially available baked goods. Previously people with a gluten sensitivity had to find substitutes for their favourite bakery treats, but now there are new options from All But Gluten, a gluten free bakery.

Gluten Free Bakery Breads

There are a number of different breads available from All But Gluten. These breads include a traditional Sliced White Loaf, a Whole Grain Loaf and a Cinnamon Raisin Loaf. This helps ensure that people who are living a gluten free lifestyle can enjoy bread anytime, whether they like to start their day with a slice of toast for breakfast or enjoy having sandwiches for lunch.

Gluten Free Bakery Specialty Products

However, breads aren’t just for sandwiches and toast! All But Gluten also has specialty products such as Rosemary Focaccia and a Plain Pizza Shell that’s just waiting to be topped with your favourite pizza toppings. Many people report that they miss pizza a great deal when they switch over to a gluten free lifestyle and the Plain Pizza Shell lets them enjoy this treat at home.

Gluten Free Bakery Treats
Life just isn’t complete without a sweet treat every once in a while. All But Gluten has two treats: Coconut Macaroons and Little Brownie Bites. Both can provide your sweet tooth some relief and you’ll never guess that they’re gluten free!

To learn more about products from All But Gluten, please click here.

Need A Gluten-Free Bread? What Are Your Options

If your family needs a gluten-free bread, you probably know that you have a couple different options when it comes to bread for your family. All But Gluten outlines these choices here to help you make the best decision as to which one is right for your family.

Need A Gluten-Free Bread? You Can Bake Everything From Scratch

Probably one of the most common solutions is baking breads entirely from scratch. When you bake everything at home, you can be sure that the recipe doesn’t call for any gluten. However, baking from scratch can be time consuming, which means it’s not an option for many families. Additionally, it can be complicated — breads require a certain scientific touch in order for them to rise properly.

Need A Gluten-Free Bread? Check Your Grocer’s Freezer

Another option is to buy gluten-free bread from your grocer’s freezer. Breads from the freezer can taste freezer burnt and stale, though, and buyers have no way of knowing just how long that bread has been in the freezer.

Need A Gluten-Free Bread? Look In Your Grocer’s Bakery

Finding a gluten-free bread can be as easy as looking in your supermarket’s bakery department. Here shoppers will find All But Gluten, that’s conveniently available in the fresh bakery aisle of the grocery store to buy and tastes great too. All But Gluten is currently carried in selected Safeway stores.

If your local grocery store doesn’t carry All But Gluten, check back frequently as we are expanding to new grocery chains across the country every month. To find a store that carries All But Gluten near you, please click here.

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