About All But Gluten™ and Our Certified Gluten-Free Products

Finally, the experience that has been missing in gluten-free bakery products, now in stores near you. Discover All But Gluten™, a new brand of gluten-free products that promises to rekindle your love of baked goods.

‘All’ the offerings from All But Gluten™ have been carefully selected to provide you with an experience that comes close to traditional baked goods.

All But Gluten™ baked products are available fresh, not frozen, in the fresh bakery section of your local supermarket. No need to go to the freezer…now you can visit the section you had walked away from.

All But Gluten™ products were developed with three pillars: great taste, nutrition and safety. As we all know tasting is believing…we encourage you to pick up All But Gluten™ products during your next visit to the supermarket (check where to buy for an up to date list of retailers). We believe that our products taste better than most Gluten Free offerings out there…but you decide for yourself.

All But Gluten™ bakery products taste great, and come packed with added nutritional benefits. Most of All But Gluten™ products are enriched with fibre, vitamin & minerals and are packed with great taste you can enjoy with very meal  ̶̶̶  from breakfast to dessert.

125 years of serving quality
All But Gluten™ is a new gluten-free brand from Weston Bakeries Limited, a leader in the Canadian baking industry that has produced a variety of fresh, frozen and specialty bakery products for over 125 years. Weston Bakeries specializes in producing and delivering a wide variety of baked goods commonly found in grocery stores, convenience stores, supermarket in-store bakeries and food service outlets.

Certified by those you trust
All But Gluten™ products have been created by our talented product development team in collaboration with respected nutrition experts and are specially manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free facility.  They meet Health Canada’s gluten-free regulations and are certified by the Canadian Celiac Association’s Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP).

Live the life you want  ̶̶̶  without compromise All But Gluten™ products bring life back to normal  ̶̶̶  now you can enjoy baked goods that taste like traditional products.

From the fresh bakery aisle to your table

Rekindle your love of baked goods with All But Gluten™! Unlike other gluten-free baked products, which are usually sold frozen, you’ll find All But Gluten™ in the fresh bakery section. Why? Because our breads, focaccias and pizza shells taste as good as the bakery goods you used to love! So go ahead, take a stroll down the bakery aisle  ̶̶̶  you deserve it!

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